Seeking the Infinite


Oh the vast infinitude of Him who is all things

Oh the woeful inadequateness of mortal men

He is like – He is Great – He is Holy –


Who are you?


Love is Patient, Love is Kind –


Flesh and Blood we understand –

Love flowing out as blood and water –

The infinite we consume



Meditation of St. Francis of Assisi

Let everyone be struck with fear,
the whole world tremble,
and the heavens exult
when Christ, the Son of the living God,
is present on the altar in the hands of a priest!
O wonderful loftiness
and stupendous dignity!
O sublime humility!
O humble sublimity!
The Lord of the universe,
God and the Son of God,
so humbles Himself
that He hides Himself
for our salvation
under and ordinary piece of bread!

See the humility of God, brothers,
and pour out your hearts before Him!

Humble yourselves that you may be exalted by Him!

Hold back nothing of yourselves for yourselves,
that He Who gives Himself totally to you
may receive you totally!


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