Let’s Get Real

It’s great when people speak fundamental truths inadvertently.  This morning I was watching Meet the Press, which had politicians discussing the vice presidential debate.  One of the politicians prophetically said that people today are ‘craving authenticity.’  This immediately reminded me of Matthew Kelly‘s book Rediscover Catholicism.  In it, he writes about our hunger for authenticity and truth in a world of increasing falsehood.  He specifically says we seek authentic people to lead us in the right direction:  “it seems in every place and in every time the shortage is always of men and women willing to lead humanity along the right path with the example of their own lives.”

When I first read this book, I had the humbling realization that people see me as an authentic person.  This is a great privilege and responsibility.  People have certain expectations of me and I know that God is going to ask me to do some challenging things over my lifetime.

Recently a friend and I were talking about our tendencies to emerge as natural leaders in many situations.  He was complaining about always being “that” person and having the weight of responsibility on his shoulders.  A phrase which has been on my heart lately that seems to be an appropriate response to this kind of weariness is, “never tire of doing what is right.”

Being authentic does not mean that you are perfect, but that you are trying your hardest to walk down the “right path” and live a life of holiness.  According to Miriam-Webster dictionary one of the definitions of authentic is: “conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features.”  When looking this up, I was struck at how accurately that describes the goal of the Christian life: to conform to the one in whose image we were made.  This is what an authentic leader should be striving for.

Is God calling you to be an authentic leader today?  Don’t be afraid of this call, for he will give you the strength necessary.  Help feed a world begging for truth.



One thought on “Let’s Get Real

  1. farmwench

    Very thought provoking post, Victoria. It brings to my mind something that was struck home to me a long time ago. That authenticity needs to go hand and hand with credibility. People are craving the authentic and credibility in our leadership, whether in the political or in other walks of life. Thanks for your thoughts on the topic!!

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