Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

Lately God has made me painfully aware of the lack of good men in our world.  I’m not sure when or how this trend started, but true masculinity is under severe attack in the world today.  Traditional manly traits and chivalry are scorned by feminists; a scandalous amount of children are growing up without fathers.

I was talking to one of my friends about how hard it is to be a man today and he confirmed that manhood is in critical danger.  We talked about the lack of good role models for men.  Women are generally internal learners, while men are thought to learn externally.  This means men are heavily influenced by what they observe.  This means that men desperately need good men to model their lives after.

I pointed out that despite that lack, Jesus always serves as the ultimate model, especially for men.  My friend said imitating Jesus is too high of a standard.  I was shocked by this response.  I’ve realized how this problem is perpetuating itself:  we women are not holding men to a higher standard.  We see all the men around us failing to protect and love us.  Instead of challenging them to be the men we need, we accept they will never be good enough and learn to live with out them.  This leads to divorce, broken homes and boys growing up without strong role models.

Lately I’ve been surrounded by great Catholic men and it’s not only refreshing, but flustering at times.  There is something so attractive about these kind of men(especially when you’re not used to being around them!).  I realize that it’s because Christ is shining through them in a unique way.  From little things like holding the door to pursuing our hearts in the way that we so desire, real men should lead us to the one with whom we will be united eternally.

As a side note, an awesome God-incidence is happening right now.  I’m watching the movie We’re No Angels.  There’s a character, Molly, who keeps lamenting the lack of men around her and it struck me as very relevant to this post.

So ladies, start holding the men in your life to a higher standard; men, seek out good role models and don’t tire of striving for the standard Christ set for you.

Here are some great sites about manhood:

Fathers for Good

The Man Who Would Be Knight

The King’s Men


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