Well That Was Easy

Crucifix in Notre Dame of Montreal. This basilica was simply breathtaking.

Sorry I’ve been missing for a while readers!  Last week I went on a (driving) pilgrimage to the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, MA, St. Joseph’s Oratory, Notre Dame, and St. Ann’s Shrine in Montreal, the Shrine of the North American Martyrs and the Shrine of Kateri Tekakwitha in NY.  This four-day trip was filled with prayer and good times with friends.  I’ll blog about it and put up pictures as soon as possible! Then I went home with my best friend, who was on the trip, and have been at her house for the past week.

In other news, God is so good to me all the time!  He has led me straight to His will once again, after all my useless worrying and stressing.  I’ll be joining Chi Rho Service Corps in September.  The process seemed almost too easy and seemed to just fall in my lap.  I was praying about this and could almost see God laughing.  Why do we think following God’s will has to complicated and difficult?  “My yoke is light, my burden easy.”

Also, donations and pledges are starting to come in and I want to thank everyone who has been incredibly generous!  One of the exciting things about this service program is that they offered to help me with my loan payments.  Like I said God has been pouring His blessings on me.

And just because, here’s a song I’ve had stuck in my head lately:


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