Experiencing the Peace of Doing God’s Will

So I’m used to freaking out about my life every other day and worrying about what God wants me to do.  Lately a feeling of supreme peace has permeated my life and it was strange at first.  I was so used to stubbornly fighting God that when I finally surrendered to His will a foreign calm entered my heart.  It is a wonderfully freeing feeling and He longs for all of His children to experience it.

Over a week ago, I spent almost six hours being interviewed by two of the TOR Sisters.  I was nervous going into it but soon realized it was really just a conversation about my journey so far and the charisms of the community.  I just reveled in the chance to spend time with them again.

Tomorrow is their formation board meeting in which they will discuss the interviews and whether I am a good fit for their community.  I should be hearing from the vocation director after they make their decision and she will tell me if I can move onto the next step.  I am excited, but calmly and prayerfully waiting to see what the Lord has in store for me.


2 thoughts on “Experiencing the Peace of Doing God’s Will

  1. Just “let go and let God”! The same advice you gave me last year over all of the decisions I was trying to make, when all I needed to do was just let God be in control, which does leave you with a sense of peace. ❤ you V!

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