Prodigal Son

I had this conversation with God the other day and He has been pressing it upon my heart that I need to share His words with others.

This is how the conversation went:

I’m scared.  Trust me.  But what if I lose you?  I am your rock, your strong foundation – I uphold you always and always hold onto you.  But what if I stray away?  I will always be right here, by your side waiting for you to return home, to run back into my arms.  I am your father and you are my daughter.  My prodigal daughter – all heavens rejoice when you finally decide to lay down your life at my feet.

I want to be in your arms always Father but the world is holding me back.  Only because you let it.  I am stronger than the world and more faithful.  Come to me and you will never hunger or thirst.  Come to me and you will never feel unloved.  I will hold onto you forever and never let you go.  But you have to give me control.  I want so bad for you to trust me.  I know you’re hurting but if you’ll just run into my arms I’ll heal every wound in your heart.  You are my child, fearfully and wonderfully made and I am yours.


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