Less Than Two Months to Africa!

Plane tickets. Check.  Vaccinations.  Check.  It seems this dream of mine is finally coming true and I can hardly believe it.  The only thing left is to scrape up funds for a donation to the sisters and for miscellaneous expenses(I’ll be sending begging letters and relying on God for that).

Some of my readers have been wondering where exactly I am going and what I am doing.  I’ll be traveling to the mission of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood in Machui, Zanzibar, Tanzania.  I found a satellite picture of the area on google maps.  Click here to see it.  My main job will be to help teach English at the Machui Community College.  Their website is: http://www.machui.org/index.htm

Students from Machui Community College

This college was founded in 1997 by the Sisters to provide vocational training to disadvantaged people from the surrounding community.  Their motto is to “uplift the marginalized”.  Due to the high drop out rates of students in Zanzibar, many young adults are not able to find jobs.  The college aims to fix this by offering job training and life skills.  They also tailor the job training to the opportunities available in the community, so students are much more likely to gain employment after graduating.  Because English is necessary these days to have any kind of economic success, learning how to speak it is very important to the Machui students.  I will be helping them gain this vital skill.

During the two months I will be serving in Machui, the students will have a two week vacation from school.  The sisters will put me to work doing something else during these two weeks.  Hopefully I will also get to travel with some of them and see other parts of Africa.  In the same area as the school there is an elderly home called Welezo which I may also have an opportunity to help at.  I spend time volunteering at a retirement home here in the states and am looking forward to doing the same while in Tanzania.

Whenever someone asks me why I am doing this I really want to answer, because God needs me to, but feel the need to give a more rational answer.  I’m not sure I have one though; I simply have a gut feeling that I’m supposed to be doing this, and trust God enough to hand my worries and fears over to Him.


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