Apathy: The Newest Disease of this Generation

Cancer, AIDS; there are many diseases and sicknesses that plague our world today.  Yet when I look around me I see that the worst disease of my generation does not have a medical cause.  It cannot be cured by a doctor and affects all types of people.  This disease is apathy.  This is a poem I wrote about the ways in which I see apathy infecting the world around me.

doped up

drugged out

passed out

numb to

the world



high as the sky

smashed to

the ground

passion is

within your


burned out


light up

you’re still in the dark

the disease

of passivity

is infecting your life

slowly spreading


firewater fills

all your insides

all but the

God shaped place

light up

don’t blow

your infection

in my


The stark reality of this spreading passive attitude has come sharply into focus for me lately.  A few days ago while out to lunch with my friends we were discussing my recent decision to become a vegetarian.  I explained that my reasons mainly involved animal cruelty and health reasons.  I simply decided to educate myself about what I am putting in my body and be more conscious of where my food is coming from.  There is some weird stuff in a lot of food….but I digress.  After discussing the hormones and chemicals often found in meat one of my friends shrugged her shoulders simply saying, “I just don’t really care.”

This is what really got me thinking about how apathy is infecting our world.  People aren’t bad; my friend is a wonderful person who really does care about her fellow human beings.  However, some people have that same attitude towards everything in life; this is where the problems commence.  We commit sins of ommission.  We float through life every day, barely aware of our neighbors, of those in need.  We don’t do anything mean to the homeless man on the street; we just walk by him.  We don’t do bad things, but often fail to perform good deeds.

According to dictionary.com the definition of apathy is, the “absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.”  I don’t know about you, but I think a life without passion or excitement would get boring really fast.  I have a fire for life that I want to share with everyone!

The cure is simple really.  In the words of The Beatles, “all you need is love”.  Love is the remedy we need for this disease of apathy.  Jesus told us to love each other and I have a feeling he knew what he was talking about.


One thought on “Apathy: The Newest Disease of this Generation

  1. Steven N

    I agree with you wholeheartedly- most of the significant problems I’ve seen could have been avoided entirely if people had just shown a reasonable degree of empathy. I hope your readers take your words to heart because there is a certain wisdom behind them that belies your age. Well said. =)

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