Tanzania here I come!

Alright I’ve gotten some requests for an update on my plans to go to Tanzania next Summer so here goes.

This past week I met with the man that is arranging for me to go and he told me more about what I would be doing and where I’ll be staying.  I’ll be volunteering an island called Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania.  The Sisters of the Precious Blood run a mission which consists of a college, Montessori school and a health clinic.  I’m going to be assisting in teaching English at the college but might have an opportunity to work with the kids at the school too.  It’s a safe, closed compound(which makes my parents happy) and I’ll be living right next to where I’m working.  I’ll be able to do some sort of research project or add an academic portion to the trip which will hopefully equal grant money to help get me there.

He told me about some of the people that live at the mission and even showed me some pictures, which of course made me want to go now.  It looks absolutely beautiful there and I can’t wait to have an amazing experience.  I don’t think I’ve quite comprehended that this is actually happening but I know that God is guiding me exactly to where I need to be.


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