Dreaming of Africa

I just spoke on the phone with the man that is going to help me go to Africa.  Even as I write these words my heart is still pounding from the excitement and I cannot quite believe this is really happening.  Through nothing less than divine providence a series of events has fallen into place that will allow me to teach English in Tanzania next summer.  Did I mention how excited I am?!?!

About a month ago my grandmother attended a talk given by a professor who leads trips to Zanzibar, Tanzania.  Knowing of my obsession with Africa, she made sure to ask him for a business card.  Knowing little of this man, other than the fact that he could perhaps help me achieve my dreams, I emailed him and eagerly awaited a response.  As soon as he explained that there might be an opportunity to teach English, I was hooked.  After a few days of phone tag I have finally spoken to him and know the concrete steps to get me where I want to go.

He asked me the question which has been plagueing me lately.  Why Africa?  I stumbled over the words to describe the longing I felt and yet again, failed.  The writer within me is going to have to drag those words out of my heart and mind though, even if they come kicking and screaming.  One of the hoops I must leap through on this journey is to write a letter of intent, of sorts, as to why I want to embark on this endeavor.   My motives will be laid bare for the world to see and I hope they are up to the scrutiny of questioning eyes.


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