Motel of Misspellings

Yesterday morning I sat down to enjoy breakfast at the hotel I stayed at for the weekend. When I grabbed the syrup for my waffle the perfect peace was shattered.  Behind the regular syrup that I picked up was a container of sugar free syrup that the hotel staff was considerate enough to put out for their residents with health concerns.  This well meaning display was destroyed by the atrocious spelling that told me it was sugEr free syrup.  I was flabbergasted; absolutely and completely speechless.

After the syrup nearly gave me a heart attack, I decided to risk taking a peek at the other various condiments on the table.  I thought there was no way they could mess up salt and pepper.  I was very, very wrong.  To my horror what I thought to be pepper turned out to be pApper.  Declaring that I could no longer stay in the presence of such obvious spelling errors, I abruptly left the room.  Only because I am a dedicated blogger did I return to the scene to take a picture of these atrocities.

I couldn’t help but think that this was a frightening sign of where our society is heading.  The attention paid to the importance of correct spelling and grammar is going downhill fast.  This hotel is only a snapshot of what is happening all over our country.  I blame spell check.  There is no longer a need to know how to spell.  That handy little tool in Word will tell you with a helpful red line that you have made a mistake and help you fix it.  With America’s overwhelming use of computers, the few times we do handwrite things we stumble over spellings and commit simple errors.

I suppose the average person really does not care too much about spelling and grammar.  I believe it is a comment on a company though, such as this hotel, if there are misspellings in its public signs and labels.  For me, it says that the company is sloppy or just too cheap to hire a proofreader.

As I left this motel of misspellings I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of its name:  The Quality Inn.  The hotel itself was perfectly fine, but the quality of its spelling was, well, not of such high quality.


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