Another prompt from Writer’s Digest

Start your story with, “In retrospect, I wouldn’t say it was my best idea.” And end it with, “And that’s how I attempted to make this world a better place.”

In retrospect, I wouldn’t say it was my best idea.  I was one of those kids.  My mom would tell me to finish all my food because there are starving children in Africa who would love that broccoli.  Wisacre that I was, I’d tell her to send it to them.  Well one day I decided that this had gone on long enough and it was time to take matters into my own hands.  It started out as a furtive attempt to make good on my suggestion.  I couldn’t believe that some kid in Africa would really want my leftover broccoli but mom insisted that they did and she knew everything, right?  Well that plan came to a screeching halt when I realized that I had no idea where to send the food.  Also, the smell in my room kind of ruined the secret after a few days.

Then the all knowing and all powerful television gave me the perfect solution to my dilemma. This was more exciting than finding out that the Easter Bunny really does exist.  And I LOVE bunnies.  “Mommy! We have to call now!”  “What are you talking about honey?” “We can help the starving kids.  The ones I was going to send my broccoli to.  It only costs one dollar.” “Oh sweetie, it’s probably just a scam.”  “What’s a scam mommy?  Will it help those kids?”  “No, it means that the money they’re asking for might not really go to those kids you see on tv.” My nine year old face scrunched up in confusion over how weird grownups were sometimes.  My hope was rekindled when she reassured me, “there are people you can give money to who will actually give it to the kids who need help.”

Now only one obstacle stood in my way.

“What are you doing?” My father demanded.  He had a lovely view of the lower portion of my body because the rest was stuck under the couch.  My muffled voice floated out and informed him in a very matter of fact tone, “I read that the average family has ten dollars in their couch.  I need money to send to the starving kids in Africa.”  He began laughing and then called, “Peg! You’ve got to come see this!”

And that’s how I attempted to make this world a better place.


3 thoughts on “Another prompt from Writer’s Digest

  1. prplcatz58

    Just as a side note, this is completely fictionalized but it’s totally something I would do. My mom even asked me when this happened when she read it 🙂

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